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Glasslock Oven Safe Premium Glass Food Container Set - 9 Containers with easy open lids

Premium oven safe 9 piece glass food container set. Features rimless edges and easy open clips on the lids. Sizes vary from 160ml to 1.8 litres.

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  • Shatter Resistant Oven Safe Tempered Glass Container
  • 100% Air & Liquid Tight BPA Free Lid with Easy Open & Close Snap Lock Lids
  • Oven Safe up to 230°C (glass base only)
  • Microwave*, Freezer & Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
  • Stain & odour resistant

Glasslock glass food containers are the perfect choice to store food and cook food in the oven or microwave*, then pop left overs in the fridge or the freezer without the need to transfer it to a new container.

Glasslock comes in a variety of sizes & shapes. The different sizes in each shape (round, square & rectangular) are nestable in your cupboard when not in use to save on storage space, as are the round mixing bowls, great news for kitchenware junkies with limited cupboard space!

This Premium set features 9 containers with rimless edges and extra large clips for easy opening. The new Premium Rainbow set are the easiest in the range to open.  

Pack includes;

1 x 160ml Square Container - 81 x 81 x 52mm high
2 x 440ml Square Containers - 109 x 109 x 60mm high
2 x 395ml Rectangular Containers - 142 x 93 x 47mm high
1 x 1 litre Rectangular Container - 172 x 125 x 72mm high
2 x 1.1 litre Square Containers - 153 x 153 x 72mm high
1 x 1.8 litre Rectangular Container - 205 x 142 x 91mm high

Shape - Mixed, Tempered Glass Baking Dishes
Volume - See above
Dimensions - n/a

Made from - Shatter Resistant Oven Safe Tempered Glass (base), BPA Free tritan clear plasic & silicone seal (lid)

Tips for use & care

  • Hand wash or use a mild cycle in the dishwasher using the top rack.
  • Avoid abrasive scourers
  • Not suitable for use on hotplates
  • The silicone seal in the lid can and should be removed for washing to avoid water being trapped and mould growing.
  • Avoid severe & sudden temperature changes. (ie: frozen meals should be defrosted before putting back in the oven)
  • If using the lid in the microwave, ensure it is unlatched & loosely sitting on top. Open away from the body to avoid scalding
  • When using in the freezer, only fill to a maximum of 80% as food & liquids expand when frozen.
  • This product is covered under warranty for 1 year due to manufacturing defects. Call 1800 252 624 for further information.

*Note: For health reasons, we don't recommend the use of microwave ovens (refer to Health Home, Health Family for more information). However, if you do need to use one, we highly recommend it's done in a glass food container and not a plastic one and try to avoid cooking protein in a microwave oven.

About Glasslock

From oven to table to fridge to freezer to microwave, the oven safe series (with the orange seals) are incredibly versatile glass food prep and storage containers. They can also double as glass lunch boxes.


Lunch Boxes

Glass Food Containers

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Dec 15, 2016
Love the idea of stylish safe easy to stack glass storage! Love them!!!
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Gabrielle Huxham
Sep 13, 2017
On first use, the plastic lid warped when it was placed ajar the glass container and the food heated in a microwave. Pretty disappointing and now the lid wont close on that container. So they are not fit for the purpose I wish to use them for.
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Jessica King
Jul 23, 2017
Love these containers! Great quality, really good seal on the lids. I have used every single container now and love the range of sizes. Will purchase more.
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Jun 11, 2017
love my new glass freezer oven ware feel good to know i have healthy kitchen ware
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Jun 1, 2017
I bought these just before Christmas, but wanted to use them a while before I submitted a review. These have been fantastic. Whist the glass is heavier than plastic, I feel a lot more comfortable knowing my food is being stored in glass rather than plastic (even if the plastic is BPA free). The lids simply clip on (all 4 sides) so is definitely secure (and easy to stack in my pantry). And, I think, as they're easy to lock (close) and unlock (open), individuals with dexterity issues (such as early arthritis of the hands/wrists) should not have troubles opening/closing them.
I use some of the larger ones to store flour, rice, and sugar, and the smaller ones for either nuts - or left over dinner. They store well in the fridge - and the removable inner seal in the lid makes it super easy to clean.
The box these came in was very very well packed.
The only down side is that the volumes on some of the smaller ones don't correspond with Australian metric system (e.g. 395ml & 440ml, instead of, say, 500ml), but really, its not stopping me from using them!
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Glasslock Oven Safe Premium Glass Food Container Set - 9 Containers with easy open lids
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