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Everything we sell that's designed to touch food or drink is BPA FREE*

We have researched all the products in our store to ensure you're not coming in to contact with BPA when you eat or drink from any product you purchase from us. The controversial chemical BPA (or BIsphenol-A) is an endocrine disruptor which has been linked to countless health issues. Along with our consulting naturopath Julie McNab, we feel this is an important chemical to stay away from.

BPA Free Shopping Guide

A comprehensive guide will be provided shortly. In the meantime, visit the following categories:-

* In late August, 2013, we became aware that some of our canned food that was advertised as BPA Free had their status changed. We have since clearly marked these goods as potentially containing BPA in the cans and are deciding whether to keep them in our store or discontinue them once the stock runs out. While discarding the food may seem like the appropriate thing to do, we are not a fan of food wastage, so we have gone our "full disclosure" route and will sell the current stock before making a decision on whether to discontinue them or place them in a category of their own.