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Big thanks to Sarah Wilson for linking through to the Alchemy Hair Products from her Best Toxin-Free Cosmetics article. We don't stock Alchemy any more, but we have some amazing alternatives that are just as good, just as safe and out perform. We have the most extensive range of natural and organic hair products in the country with lots of customer reviews to help you choose.

> Shop our FULL natural hair care range
> Shop Natural Shampoo (you can't go past Acure, Beauty & The Bees or Lavera)
> Shop Natural Conditoner (oh, and Pineapple Heads for the kids!)
> Shop Natural Hair Styling Products (Pineapple Heads is for adults too and is most natural alternative along with Mukti)
> Shop Natural Hair Treatments (pure oils are the safest way if you're sensitive)

As Sarah mentioned in her post the day before, sometimes 100% natural isn't possible and there are a handful of products that have small amounts of chemical preservatives in them. We know our customers are savvy enough to make their own decisions. If you need any help navigating the information on our website, don't hesitate to ask. We're FULL DISCLOSURE here and the store owner has multiple chemical sensitivities and will always answer honestly, even if the answer is "we don't have what you're looking for".

We also have a comprehensive range of natural and organic hair, face & body products, and you can save 10% every day by spending $100 or more on them in one transaction. Here's links to the most popular categories.

> Shop Natural Skin Care
> Shop Natural Makeup
> Shop Natural Deodorant (Erica Brooke is fast becoming the countries #1 natural deodorant. We love Fresca too)

We currently don't have any products available in this range. Follow us on Facebook or join our Newsletter for notifications.